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How to Tell the Difference Between a Real and Fake Michael Kors Bag

A Michael Kors bag is a guaranteed michael kors handbags sale attention-getter, but not all of it is positive. The bags have long been the target of counterfeiters who whip up a mock bag and try to sell it at what appears to be a bargain price. The buyer who knows what qualities a real bag has should be able to tell the difference.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow Can I Tell If My Michael Kors Handbag Is Real?The Difference Between Authentic & Replica Michael KorsInstructions 1Michael Kors's logo is a distinctive "LV" that is usually spread all over the bag. Each one should be sharp and clear. Look at a photo of the bag on the official website and compare it to any bag you consider buying.2Check the bag for any imperfections. Even a slight stitch out of place is a sign of a fake because the real bags are always made with a high emphasis on detail. Feel the bag. It should feel soft due to the graphite canvas used by Michael Kors. A fake will feel stiff.3Check the bag for a serial number . Most LV bags have it, but it may be hidden right along the seam. The real bags are one continuous piece of fabric, so the seam should go smoothly from one side to the other. No glue should be seen from the exterior.4Buy the bag from an official Michael Kors retailer. A list of those retailers is available at the company website. If you choose to buy from eBay or another auction site, check the seller's feedback reports. Also, check the price against the price on the official website. If a bag costs $1,400 from Michael Kors, and the seller is offering it for $300, that's a good sign the seller is pushing a fake.5Check the packaging. A real Michael Kors is also sold in a high-quality dust bag that perfectly fits the bag. The dust bag is made from beige cotton with neat, tight seams. It also has a tiny tag inside that says the dust bag is 100 percent cotton and made in India. The inside of the box has a serial number, and the logo should be aligned on the right hand side.Tips & WarningsPay with credit card to protect your purchase.Don't assume good feedback means authentic, get the cheap michael kors handbags facts.

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